Karate Classes

Seaside Shotokan’s Karate classes represent the core of our training program.  We train in a traditional JKA style environment, adhereing to JKA/ITKF training standards.

The important thing to know about traditional Shotokan Karate is that while training occurs in a group setting, the individual experience is driven by the effort and ability of the participant.  That allows for students of different physical abilities to train on the floor at the same time.  Coupled with the safe training environment Seaside provides, we can say that Karate truly is for everyone!

Adult Shotokan Karate

The age range in Adult classes varies, but the average age of our adult student is from 30 to 60.  Some adult classes are also appropriate for teenagers that have progressed to intermediate and advanced levels(we call them Junior ranks), providing opportunities for families to train together.


(check current schedule here: Class Schedule)

DUES: $100 per month

Kid’s  Shotokan Karate

Child classes start at age 5 and extend to age 16.   From ages 5 to 8, we offer a Little Tigers program, which varies from our regular class regimine and allows for more games and other fun activities to engage and inspire young children.

For Juniors, ages 9 to 15, we offer a more traditional Karate class, and allow some of the advanced Juniors to participate in certain adult classes, depending on age, size, and physical ability.


(no kid’s classes offered at this time)

DUES: $50 to $125 per month

Introduction to Karate (Free Class)

Seaside Shotokan invites you to try a FREE Introductory Class, where you will be be introduced to the basics of Shotokan Karate.

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