Free Intro Karate Class

Introductory Karate Class Sign Up

Seaside Shotokan invites you to try a FREE Introductory Class, where you will be be introduced to the basics of Shotokan Karate.  The Intro class is designed for everyone in mind- no experience is required. You only need to arrive wearing loose fitting clothes and be ready to learn.

You will get a work out, so be prepared to work!  However, the focus of the class will be to introduce you to fundamentals of Karate training, along with some terminology and class etiquette, all in preparation for you to enter the regular class structure.

Introduction to Karate is appropriate for the absolute beginner, or anyone who has had some formal training in other non-Karate style martial arts.

To register for the next upcoming introductory class, please email us or call us for more information.